Replicant Digital’s Journey

Replicant Digital is a boutique advertising agency with over 15 years’ worth of full-service agency experience. We specialize in paid media management, web development, SEO services, marketing consultation and more.

What We Do

Where many agencies set their clients on auto-pilot and put them on the back burner, Replicant Digital acts as a strategic and highly involved partner to our clients, lighting their way in the dark unknown of the internet. 

We do this by focusing heavily on efficient communication, milestone setting, a deep analysis of past & existing strategies to uncover untapped growth opportunities, and executing those opportunities effectively. 

Who We Are

Replicant Digital is owned and operated by Chris Tolar and has existed in its current form since 2021. While Chris’s journey in digital marketing officially began over 15 years ago in 2008 while still in college, he’s had a lifelong passion for understanding how things work and how to improve them (pour one out for all those Transformers and He-Man toys that took a hit for the team).

In those early days, Chris partnered with long-time friend and colleague Alex Vasquez by working on marketing initiatives for Alex’s clients, utilizing strategies he had taught himself through his own research or in his class curriculum. Chris and Alex would form the digital creative agency DigiSavvy, where they would pitch (and win) several projects with local businesses in Orange County, CA. 

Chris graduated in 2011 from California State University, Fullerton, with a BS in Marketing & Minor in I/O Psychology, and would move on from DigiSavvy to a variety of freelance and marketing agency roles, focusing primarily on growing his expertise in SEO and Paid Media

Over the course of Chris’s career, he’s worked with multiple dozens of clients, including local solopreneurs, burgeoning startups, national businesses, and tech companies, while piloting a range of ad budgets from $250 / month all the way up to $750K / month across multiple channels. 

Replicant Digital is the next evolution of Chris’s passion for problem-solving, optimization, and taking his clients to the next level. Chris and his team of passionate and highly-skilled digital marketing professionals look forward to working directly with you on your next project. 

Let’s chat and get your project started today.