A Highly Underrated Channel Just Waiting to be Harnessed

It may surprise you to learn that Bing is still a notable contender in the search engine space, but this channel is not to be taken for granted. Bing Ads provide a variety of unique benefits and differentiated features than Google, making it both an alternative choice to Google Ads as well as a great way to expand your reach on search engines beyond Google.

The Benefits of Bing

  • The Competition

    Competition on Bing is noticeably lower than on Google due to the difference in size and reach of each search engine. This means you have a lower barrier to entry on Bing than Google.
  • What This Means For You

    Lower competition makes for cheaper clicks (lower CPCs), getting you more out of your advertising dollars. This also means you can test new keywords and ideas on Bing, and translate those over to Google once they’ve proven to be successful, reducing the amount of money you have to spend learning what works and what doesn’t.
  • Demographic Targeting

    Bing also allows for demographic targeting at the campaign or ad group level, which gives advertisers greater flexibility when utilizing gender or age information for their ad campaigns.
  • Greater Control Over Ad Spend

    You also get greater control over search partner targeting with Bing than with Google, which is limited to Google Search (always) and search partners (optional). You can show ads on the Bing and Yahoo! networks, with greater granularity and optimization potential for their search partners.
  • Targeting and Ad Spend by Timezone

    Advertising across multiple time zones is another unique feature that Bing has over Google, giving further flexibility to national businesses who want to advertise to customers across the country.

How it Works

Step 1

Say Hello

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Discovery Session

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Step 3

Strategy Roadmap

After our call we'll complete any follow-up research that needs to be done and build out a custom plan that’s tailored to your unique business needs, highlighting the most important areas to focus on first, with milestones to keep your project on track.